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Talking About...Lola Kuoni (EN)


Today in the "Talking about..." section of the blog we bring you Lola Kuoni, (Münster, 1985) (IG: @lolakuoni) artistic pseudonym derived from Lola's real name, Kühnel, who is a German abstract artist, with a very intuitive work, which is inspired by nature and guided by emotion, organic shapes, and colors. Kühnel graduated in Fine Arts in the subject Mixed Media at the Art and Design Academy ArtEZ in Enschede, located in the Netherlands.

In broad strokes, Kuoni's work is a reflection of the ephemeral beauty and transience of nature. If we talk about her creative process, we would have to talk about intuition, the connection of oneself with nature and its representation with a very sensorial parallel world, relative to individual sensitivity. Each stroke and color in her works seems to arise spontaneously and playfully, but they are actually based on an understanding of composition and expressionist technique. In this way, chance is passively part of her work, giving the final result a series of qualities that directly impact the viewer.

The smooth earth tones and coffee tones combine with seductive imperfection, inspired by the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, which values simplicity, asymmetry, and irregularity but cares about form, transparency, and composition. Her pieces invite contemplation and often lead to introspection about the search for one's own path, hope, and unexpected strength, all with a strong spiritual connotation and clearly focused on the contemplation of natural forms.

Her passion for the connection between different media and techniques to express emotions encouraged her to specialize in mixed techniques, as well as the attempt of an inner search, the desire to express feelings through the natural and beautiful. The transformation of nature's codes into a formal language that she assimilated as her own, endows her works with mysticism, expression, and freedom. Water is unquestionably part of her work when it comes to mixing colors and manifests itself in a natural way applied directly to the works. Thus, the fluidity of water takes over the textures in her works and makes her canvases quickly recognizable.

Her work is capable of searching for hidden messages, the complexity of nature captured in a few strokes, simplifying the forms but leaving the message and artistic intention intact, endowed with a certain tension without becoming noisy, and always based on something that is slightly suggested and has an implicit emotional value. Kuoni's painting is very intuitive, gestural, sometimes based on action painting, achieving a disorder that reaches balance in an exciting way.

Within her work, the most remarkable thing is her collections, of which I would like to highlight the 'Secret Walk Found' collection. This collection is a kind of journey through her works that invites us to explore our own inner world through nine works of art that compose it. Launched in July 2022, this summer series is an emotional experience that seeks to recover forgotten feelings and memories. The works in the collection invite us to find a secret passage to ourselves and discover everything we have left behind, turning each work into a unique piece that awakens deep emotions and takes us on an introspective journey of self-knowledge. 'Secret Walk Found' is an unmissable journey into our own unconscious, through the natural and landscape.



On the other hand, Kuoni presents its new collection titled "Origins", which was launched in March 2023, as a series of 9 mixed media paintings that attempt to capture the essence of the sea and the coast. Each work is a story that takes us on a journey back to our origins, to our memories; the beaches, forests, and natural landscapes take over the theme and, in some way, the technique, as the artist, who is inspired by the beauty and strength of the sea, uses unconventional materials such as coffee grounds, salt, jute, and burnt paper to create unique textures and colors that add depth and dimension to her pieces. The "Origins" series reminds us that nothing really disappears, and that our footprints in the sand are a connection to our past and the natural world around us. This collection is an invitation to immerse ourselves in the beauty of the sea and to connect with our origins.




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